★Many American Lady Legends★


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More than american lady 20・・・ 


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2007USA-1 056 2007USA-1 065 オリンピア2005 (39)

2009usa 046 2007USA-1 094 2007USA-1 026


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★Wonderful American Legend・・・

★The woman who is destined by the future of the spiritual fortune-telling of Mr.HARAMOTO★

★It is the American woman of these blond blue eyes★

blonde 009 blonde 002

If there is destined God; ...
It is surely ...
I think that I can meet you.

★The World Of The Ghost Of The Movie★

It is ... in the evidence
Apparitions of a living person of sacred place U.S.A. are ...
It is drawn my rotation and gathers.

DSCF2120_20111007171637.jpg 2009usa 191

Much Aube・・・
It is night view ground of upper-class residential area Hollywood Los Angeles

2007USA-3 010

Super much Aube・・・
It is U.S.A. and Mexican night view ground of El Paso Texas

Soul ability man says・・・
Power is made from the circumference of my body, and Aube seem to be drawn to the power.

Such a holy American mysterious legend
It is ... in what is really generated

I believe that I draw the beautiful American woman of blond blue eyes.

blonde 002

I may be said to be crazy・・・

Bless her in my dream and hope

★I Am An American Legend★

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