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Welcome to the Fitness Universe Weekend!

Thank you for your recent entry to compete at the Fitness Universe Weekend this weekend in Miami.









We trust your preparation has been on track for the Fitness Universe Weekend - Fitness, Ms. Bikini, Figure, Model America and Musclemania Universe in Miami. This year's event will be one of the largest in its history with nearly 400 fitness athlete and sports model contestants from around the world! Pros, veterans, amateurs and beginners will all compete and be part in making the show an exciting weekend of fitness action. Plus major companies like MRI, Aqua Gear, VPX, Gaspari, Allmax and other major supplement and sports equipment companies plus the hottest sports apparel brands and many others will be exhibiting and sponsor all of the activities.

The fitness media has noticed - Oxygen, Fitness Rx, Reps, Natural Muscle and many more international fitness magazines will be attending and shooting the show and/or scouting for new talent. And, with the Universe comes talent agencies and casting agents, talent scouts and press photographers. Of course, television - what would our events be without it - a LIVE broadcast on Musclemania.tv and Fitnessuniverse.tv will be available for fans around the world. Plus, once again ESPN International, ESPN Dos, ESPN Latin America, ESPN Star Sports, Eurosport, iSport Japan, Pogo India, Sport 1 Russia and many more networks will broadcast highlights of this exciting fitness weekend!

Judges will represent the best of the fitness, dance, talent, commercial and entertainment industry including coaches, trainers, agents, photographers, producers, choreographers and other experts. As you well know, judges are not politically aligned with our organization and respected and considered experts in their field of discipline, sport and/or trade. So, you can be assured of being scored by a fair and impartial judging panel. Judges will be posted the week prior to the show.

Each week, we update Who's Competing with photos of competitors and would like to promote you, too. If you have not already done so, please send your photo, name, state or country and competition division to myphoto@fitnessuniverse.com.

The Hilton Miami Downtown is the host hotel and show headquarters. The Hilton also has a special Fitness Universe Menu with healthy cuisine (chicken, turkey, steak, egg white omelette, baked potato, etc.) and all at modest prices. Plus there is a new Publix market and GNC store located directly across the street from the Hilton. The special Fitness Universe discounted rate $119 is available until TONIGHT at 10 PM ET. Then, rate increases to $169.

Hair & Make-Up and Spray Tanning and other professional services are available beginning on Wednesday, June 13. These veteran providers know the fitness scene and how to make you polished and ready for competition. Please note that any unauthorized service providers will not be permitted on hotel property, backstage or at the show. Only those listed on on the show website are authorized to provide competitor services.

Media Day sessions are scheduled throughout the weekend and are open to all contestants including the South Beach & Pool Party on Sunday, June 17.

As promoters, we appreciate your participation and recognize the hard work and dedication you have put into training for the Universe Weekend. And, we promise to do our best to make it one of the most exciting and memorable events you will ever experience. We look forward to seeing you!

Louis Zwick


(626) 280-0000




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